Communities and Justice

We ask Correctional Officers

We ask Correctional Officers working at Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) what is it like to work at DCJ as a Correctional Officer.


(Group of Correctional Officers interacting outside a correctional centre.)

Matt, Senior Correctional Officer: What I like best about my job is giving the inmates skills to help them reintegrate back into society.

(Matt supervising inmates in their work-related activities within a correctional centre.)

Claire, Correctional Officer: We see women come in and we see them leave and pick their lives up and make the most of it. They learn tools in here through programs that equips them for life on the outside which can be really great to watch.

(Female inmates using tools to build light fittings in their work-related activities within a correctional centre.)

Claire: The camaraderie when you get into the facility is really excellent, we call each other blue and we have each other's backs all the time.

(Claire interacting with a group of Correctional Officers within a correctional centre.)

Claire: If you considering joining Corrective Services, I think definitely give it a go it's going to be a really rewarding job and the conditions are really great.

(Claire speaking outside the gates of a correctional centre.)

Last updated:

01 Aug 2023