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We ask Yvette: How do Community Corrections Officers reduce reoffending in the community?

Yvette tells us all about what a Community Correction Officer does and how it reduces reoffending in the community.

Video transcript: We ask Yvette: How do Community Corrections Officers reduce reoffending in the community?

What is it like to work here?

“We're all here because we believe that with the right management, support, and services, offenders have more opportunities to change.”

- Ross, Community Corrections Officer – CSNSW

Role overview

Community Corrections Officers supervise and monitor offenders on various community-based orders across several locations including community and corrections offices, correctional centres, courts, and home visits.

They develop individual case plans for offenders while assisting their successful integration back into society. They are also responsible for providing advice to courts and releasing authorities regarding sentencing, parole, and breach of orders.

Key skills

  • open and honest, express your views, and be willing to accept change
  • communicate clearly, listen to others, and respond with understanding
  • self-reflect and be committed to learning and development
  • work with others to resolve issues and conflicts
  • think, analyse and consider the broader context to develop practical solutions
  • take initiative and be responsible, adhere to legislation, policy and guidelines
  • understand and use available computers and communication technologies.

Role requirements

The necessary experience and qualities considered for the role include completing a Certificate IV in Correctional Practice whilst supervising a caseload of offenders within 12 months of commencement. Current driver's licence and have a willingness to drive within NSW.

Additional information

Pre-employment checks

Pre-employment checks are a critical part of the Community Corrections Officers recruitment process and includes national criminal history check including fingerprint check, contact with offender check, and other reference and conduct checks.

Corrective Services application checklist.


Working a 35-hour week, Monday to Friday provides Community Corrections Officers the flexibility to thrive at work, home and in the community.

Last updated:

01 Aug 2023