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DCJ - A Disability Confident Recruiter - Audio Described Version

Did you know that the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) NSW is a disability confident recruiter? Watch this video to learn what this means and how it can help you.


Audio description: A Cartoon in angular style. Pastel pinks, reds, blues. Multi story office building, cityscape behind. Zoom in to spaces within building. Throughout, diverse workers and clients, some with visible impairments, perform daily work tasks. 

Narrator: Did you know that DCJ is a disability confident recruiter?

Audio description: Worker with service dog.

Narrator: DCJ has had the ability to provide inclusive accessible recruitment experience since 2020.

Audio description: Client approaches service desk. 

Narrator: We live our values in how we work together, striving to achieve a respectful, safe and inclusive workplace where everyone’s diverse contributions and cultures are valued. 

Audio description: Four diverse staff stand smiling.  

Narrator: does this mean for candidates participating in DCJ recruitment process?

Audio description: Three offices, staff typing, meeting. 

Narrator: As a candidate, it means a simpler application process with access to fair and confidential support when required. So you can apply for roles more easily. I have confidence that you will be treated fairly during the assessment process, and be provided with ongoing support from submitting an application to becoming a DCJ employee.

Audio description: Two young men shake hands smiling.

Narrator: We offer so many opportunities across our varied workforce, bringing multiple different career journeys and ongoing learning. 

Audio description: Two women converse at a desk.

Narrator: DCJ is one of the largest employers in NSW, supporting safe and secure, just, resilient, and inclusive communities. 

Audio description: Map with destination markers across New South Wales. 

Narrator: If you want to know more or if we can assist you in any way, contact us today. 

Audio description: Six smiling staff in a group.

New South Wales Government logo, red Waratah above text in blue: NSW Government. 

Last updated:

03 Aug 2023