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Victims Services provides support services, including counselling and financial assistance to victims of crime, families and friends of missing people in New South Wales. Victims Services is based in the Parramatta Justice Precinct.

"We are accountable for supporting families and friends of missing persons."

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DCJ Careers: Victim Services

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I am an Assessor Client Claims, and I work as part of the assessment team. I have a legal background. So I studied law at University.

I'm a Client Service Advisor in the Victim Services redress team. My role involves coordinating counselling and psychological care for victims of crime. I've worked Victim Services for eight years now. Originally, when I started, I didn't have any real work experience.

I'm a Senior Client Liaison Representative, and I'm the first point of contact for all our clients. I've working in Victim Services for approximately 11 years now. Initially, I started off working for an agency and then from there, I was recruited by Victim Services.

The fact that we make a difference for a lot of people in our community is something that I find really rewarding and self fulfilling. Even if it's just one person, I know that I'm helping them out in some aspect of their Life.

I really enjoy the job that I work in at the moment cause I feel like I make a difference to the community.

It really is touching to know that the worth we do day to day is making, a dramatic change to these people.

Victim Services we do provide our support for our victims of violent crime in New South Wales.

Victim Services also acts as a liaison, of part of the family and friends missing person unit.

We also have an approved counselling scheme. So we provide counselling to victims of crime, to I guess, help them, make it easier for their recovery. I work in a really great team of staff members who support my career development always try to assist me in upskilling myself in certain areas.

The good thing about Victim Services is that it does support its staff and those provide a lot of training to enable staff and empower staff to be able to do their work properly.

Came into this role, expecting there to be a lot of you know, horror stories and, and tears. But what surprised me the most the victims that I work with have a lot of resilience and that's something that I didn't expect, really inspired me.

You deal with people who have been severely traumatised, who've been through a lot of terrible things in their life. And I guess having empathy kind of really helps.

I've always had a passion for helping people. So, I thought that Victim Services would be a good human service agency to get into.

The role of a Senior Client Liaison Representative and Service Representative

The role of a Senior Client Liaison Representative is to provide the first point of contact for victims of crime with Victims Services. Responding to inbound calls, they are responsible for providing a high level of service and support through the provision of information, advice and referrals directly to victims.

The role of a Senior Client Service Representative is to provide information, advice, referrals and the management of applications for victims’ support.

Both roles provide a high level of customer service and professionalism when answering highly sensitive calls directly from victims of crime.

The role of an Assessor

The role of an Assessor is to review, assess and determine applications made by victims of violent crime in New South Wales who apply for victims’ support.

Application decisions are determined in accordance with admin and common law principles, Government policies, practices, financial budgets and awards available to the eligible victim. Assessors also provide ongoing development and refinement of Victims Services policies, guidelines and procedures.

Assessors deliver information and presentations to community groups about Victims Services functions, procedures and financial support as well as support other staff members with advice on legislative schemes and laws that apply to Victims Services.

Role requirements:

  • Business hours for Victims Services are between 9:00am and 5:00pm. The Senior Client Service Representative must be available to work between these times
  • Ability to work in a trauma informed way in the provision of services and support to victims of crime.
  • Degree in law or psychology or social work.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Victims Services provides services to various communities across the state, making it important to have a diverse and inclusive workforce that contributes to better outcomes for our communities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make a significant impact to the organisation by improving the way we interact with Indigenous communities and help inform and shape cross-cultural services.

Pre-employment checks

  • National criminal history check (may require fingerprint checks)
  • Reference checks (minimum of 2 referees)
  • Conduct and performance checks (for existing public service employees)
  • Other pre-employment checks as required.
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29 Nov 2022

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