Communities and Justice

Domestic, family and sexual violence

How to get help and support, emergency housing, understanding domestic and sexual violence, sexual consent and the law, legal help, how to stay safe. 

NSW Domestic Violence Line - ‍1800 656 463

1800 RESPECT - 1800 73 77 32

Link2home Homelessness - ‍1800 152 152

Link2Home Veterans and Ex-Service - 1800 326 989

Child Protection Helpline - ‍13 21 11

Quick access

Contact numbers for safe, professional help and support for people who are experiencing violence.
The state-wide program to assist victim-survivors of family, domestic and sexual violence.
What you can do and who you can call if you suspect someone is in an abusive or violent situation.

How we can help

Domestic, family and sexual violence is a crime. Learn how to identify the different types of abuse, where to get help and what you can do to keep yourself or someone you know safe.

What it is, who it affects, how it impacts, the different types of abuse and how to recognise it.
Information on consent and the law and sexual assault strategy.
Deciding to leave violence and stay safe, safety planning, online and tech safety and self care.
Situations that you or someone you know may be in, what you can do and how to get help.
How Police can help, getting an AVO, victims rights, laws and legal help.
Support programs to help those experiencing violence and help those to change violent behaviour.
Last updated:

31 Aug 2023